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Sep 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
and the developing countries and the compression on places like detroit and pittsburgh. and i grew up in detroit, but i know god wasn't born in detroit. these developing countries growing is a triumph for humanity. so there's a lot of stress in the system long term, demographic, structural. you're right. it's not going away in the next year or two. >> do we know if soros is bankrolling anything that's going on outside? >> i do not believe he has anything to do with that, and i know him very well. >> and does the institute, would they take on a role as a surrogate? would you ever be open to speaking for the movement on a formal level? >> i would be open to speaking to the movement because the void that you described in terms of ideas and concrete structure, i, as an independent group, we would be very happy to engage with them and talk with them just like we are with anybody else. but we will not speak for the movement. >> rob, interesting stuff. please come back. >> my pleasure. nice to meet y'all. >>> straight ahead, home builders seeing some huge gains over the past few months. despite today's
Sep 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
, david, joining me from detroit, head of sales and we're looking at an ib crease of -- what's behind what we're seeing in august? not just from you guys, but from the other automakers as well, which is better than expected sales? >> well, we continue to see slow, gradual, steady growth, phil. in our case, we're just very excite excited about the month we had. our small cars were up significantly. we set a number of records. spark, sonic, cruise, volt, as well as is cadillac sts. still bullish. >> particularly with the chevy car side, you had the olympics going on. you also had a number of newer models in there. for the chevy brand on the car side, are you looking at it and saying it's no longer a weakness. >> exactly, phil. we historically have been known as a truck brand. and with this new chevrolet portfol portfolio, i think we're proving that we have a very good lineup, a very strong lineup of cars now. >> having said that, let's talk about the volt. is it fair to say the volt is always going to be a niche vehicle. you guys have decided you're going to suspend production as you are ret
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2